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What’s in a name?

By Carlo P. Gonzaga, PIA Region !V-A


To quote author Robert C. Lee, “The sweetest sound to anyone’s ears in the sound of his own name.” A quote I learned from my elementary days which until now I never forget.


How did I get my name? When my dearest mother was still alive, she told me that my deceased father got my name from Carlo Fortunato Pietro Ponti, Sr.,  a famous Italian producer (11 Dec. 1912 – 10 Jan. 2007) with over 140 production credits, and the husband of Italian movie star Sophia Loren, according to a Google search. I love my name!


Antique name


My mother’s name is Patrocinio, usually mistaken as a male name. I love my mother! No matter what’s her name, she was m...Read More

Love is surviving life as a solo parent

By Imelda C. Rivero, PIA 1- Ilocos


Without the love of God, family, friends, and colleagues, I would never have made it through – surviving life as a solo parent.


Love is accepting life as a solo parent.  When my husband was ailing for months before his death from kidney and liver cancer in the summer of 2001, God strengthened me so much that when he finally left me with my two hyperactive preschool boys, I had little time weeping over what might have been had the situation been different.  Until now, I could not fathom how God held me through these years.  How I accepted life as it is.  


Love is being full of hope in surviving life as a solo parent.  When my boys were in grade school at Saint Paul...Read More

Life is rich with love, despite being single

By Mark Djeron C. Tumabao, PIA-2


The best time of the year to celebrate love is February. This is the season when you can see couples everywhere dating, eating in plush hotels and restaurants, or even just in simple eateries, visiting theme parks, watching movies in cinemas, etc. What makes the occasion more romantic for couples is the men’s giving of a bouquet of flowers and chocolates to their partners who normally repay the gesture with a kiss of love and gratitude.

All these are how we picture our love month, particularly during Valentine’s Day. Oftentimes, we think that love month is only for couples, that only people really happy on Valentine's Day are couples completely in love with each other, forgetting that the month is also the ...Read More

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